Sunday, March 29, 2009

God or No God?

One of the major differences between Troy and Iliad is the involvement of the gods. Gods hardly had any role in the movie. The characters decided things for themselves and did whatever they thought was best to do at that situation. But in Iliad, the gods had complete control of everything and they totally manipulated the whole situation to make the results come out as they pleased. They were always fighting with one another and were very much involved in the business of the mortals. Different gods favored different people and helped them win. Not only that, they also ruined the people they didn’t like. According to me, the involvement of the gods wasn’t fair. They should’ve left the people alone and see what happens. How do you feel about the situation? Do you like it better when the gods interfere, like in Iliad, or prefer the situation that was shown in Troy where the gods aren’t involved? How do you think the situation would be different if the gods didn’t interfere? Who would win/lose and who would still be alive/dead?

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